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I cannot begin to tell you what this picture is. I know the round circle that you see is the yolk sac, which is how the baby is currently receiving what he needs. The tech tells me the head is at the same end as the yolk sac. There was a better picture at the office, but somehow, the tech thought this was the one I should take with me. Go figure.

>At any rate, the baby continues to grow right on target and measured 8 weeks today. They have given me a due date of May 7th, although as we know with the other two babies, the due date means very little. Babies seem to arrive whenever they want to get here!

The doctor told me today that he really thinks the chances of miscarriage now are definitely less than 10%, which was music to my ears. He said everything looked great, and when I asked him about taking our vacation at the end of October to FL, he encouraged it. He said that I would be at the end of the first trimester then and in need of a celebration, and he could see no better way to celebrate! I’m still going to play it by ear, though. If I don’t feel up to it, I will definitely be staying home. Right now, though, I feel pretty good, and am losing weight (down ten pounds) now that I am more strictly following the diabetic diet. Hopefully, I’ll be down another few pounds by then and full of energy. The big symptom I have in this first trimester is the fatigue. I feel like I can never get enough sleep. Thankfully, Jim watches Eilis so I can get in bed earlier at night and sleep later on the weekends.

This is what a baby at 8 weeks looks like when you are not looking at an ultrasound screen:


I saw Dr. Packin today for what turned out to be a great appointment! The baby is right on target in terms of growth, and there was a quickly beating little heart at 158 beats per minute. Dr. Packin turned off the ultrasound machine and said, ?It’s time we kicked you outta here!? I was a bit shocked, as I had been told that they tend to keep an eye on things up until 8 weeks. But, he said he feels things are going really well and there is no reason for them to continue following me, especially since I have two other doctors to follow the baby on a weekly basis.

This is the baby’s second portrait – 7 weeks, 2 days. Already a bit pudgier, don’t you think?

In the meantime, I am trying to adjust to the insulin injections, the diet, the blood sugar testing. It’s not fun, my fingers are sore, and while I can test on other parts of my body, they suggest to keep things kind of consistent that I stick with the fingers (no pun intended).


I am officially licensed to be diabetic. Okay, not licensed, but I’m sure the diploma is in the mail. I went to school today to learn that I will likely be starving to death with the diet they have me on. I also have to check blood sugars 7 TIMES daily. Ugh. I am already out of fingers. The nurse who did my education says I should gain less than 25 pounds during the pregnancy, which is more than I gained with Eilis, so I hope I don’t go that high. I am at my highest weight ever now, and hoping that the starvation plan they are putting me on helps with that a bit. I see Dr. Packin again on Friday, and he’ll do another ultrasound, and if all looks good, schedule me for my last appointment with him the following week.

Baby’s First Picture

My appointment this morning is with Dr. Librizzi, a perinatologist. He is a sweet man, who hugs you when he sees you and when you leave. The technician does another ultrasound, and we see the baby measuring now 6 weeks 5 days, with a heart rate of 131 beats per minute. Dr. Librizzi tells me someone should follow me every week, so as soon as Dr. Packin discharges me, I will alternate between seeing the regular ob/gyn and Dr. Librizzi. He says they will do weekly ultrasounds, which will be very reassuring in these early weeks. He says he is a firm believer in positive reinforcement, and being able to see the baby growing and moving each week will help me stay optimistic, which will improve the chances for a positive outcome.

This is the baby’s first portrait – done 9/20/2004 at 6 weeks, 5 days


I saw Dr. Haenel this afternoon. He is an endocrinologist and will be following my diabetes. I am put on insulin, and have to go to school to learn how to be diabetic. Apparently, you can’t just jump right in and be diseased, it has to be taught to you. I will go to the Diabetes control center on Wednesday for my diabetes education.

Update on my Dad

John Bilbrough  

My dad had surgery to remove his remaining leg up to the knee. He has been in Magee Rehabilitation Hospital for a week now, and it is expected he will be there at least another week before they send him home to continue to heal. He will return to Magee when the leg heals with his prosthesis, and he will learn how to walk using two artificial legs. He is doing well, but they really work him very hard at Magee. He is on blood thinners as well, and has been using the backs of his hands to help leverage himself in and out of chairs, which has resulted in open, oozing injuries on the backs of his hands. He is optimistic that he will be walking by Christmas, so any extra prayers sent his way that he will reach his goal would be appreciated!


The words from Dr. Packin today are “Cautiously Optimistic!” We saw the fetal sac, a fetal pole, and a bit of something else, then we saw the heartbeat!! The heart rate was 124, which is just right for where it should be. I measure 6 weeks, 1 day, which is a bit behind dates if you consider when my period was, but the doctor says I probably ovulated later and not to worry. I tell him I’ll stop worrying at 39 weeks. He tells me I need to switch from the glucophage to insulin and I need to see a perinatologist. I make appointments for both.

Eilis 2004 update

Welcome to Eilis’ Page

Lilypie 4th Birthday

There is always something exciting going on in Eilis’ life, and you can find out all about it right here!

September, 2004

This is a big month for our little one! She started Preschool at the Big Girl School where Brighid goes. Check her out on her first and second days below:

Eilis also started Irish Step Dancing Classes this fall. She is with the same dance school Brighid goes to. Even though her teacher says she doesn’t need them, Eilis wants “musical shoes” like Brighid so she can dance better.

Eilis gets a haircut, Disney Style!

In April, 2004, Eilis had her haircut at the Barber Shop on Main Street, USA at Walt Disney World. She was treated like a Princess by Billie, her stylist. It was a great experience!

First, Eilis tells Billie she wants “twirly hair“, and Billie gets to work trimming away! Then she get Eilis a pair of Mouse Ears that say “First Haircut“. She also got a certificate and some “pixie dust“ confetti sprinkled in her hair!

This is Eilis and Dram (Grandmom) at our house during the yard sale this past spring. Dram sold a lot of stuff, but Eilis mostly brought her stuff back into the house. You can see she has tied her empty apron to Dram’s head, and now she is trying to beg money from her!

Eilis got a new swing set earlier this summer and she has had a great time on the slide and climbing the rock wall. Her favorite thing is to swing, though. She just loves it.


The good news continues! My beta jumped to 12,813, and the progesterone is finally above 15 at 16.8. I can go in for an ultrasound with Dr. Packin and schedule it for Friday, 9/17.

Testing today

The beta and progesterone were repeated today. They wanted to see the beta doubling, which it more than did (my number today was 4610). The progesterone is creeping up and is now at 13.6. Still low, but going up is a good sign. I repeat the test again next week, and see Dr. Packin if the number is over 5000.