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Not wanting to completely believe an old expired test, I run first thing this morning to Walgreen’s for another test. Guess what? It’s a holiday weekend and I can’t get in touch with a doctor, so of course, it is positive!! I figure that the reproductive endocrinolgy office I had gone to last year would have SOMEONE there, since they run pretty much 7 days a week. I phoned and got a nurse, who wants to know why I am calling at 7:30 on a Sunday morning. I explain my history of miscarriages and the last conversation I had with Dr. Gary Packin, my doctor at South Jersey Fertility. He told me if I did get pregnant again, I should immediately start progesterone supplementation and heparin injections – the protocol that worked during my pregnancy with Eilis. She will have to speak with a doctor and phone me back. She called back around 10, and I am told I can come to the office tomorrow, Labor Day, how appropriate, to pick up the Crinone progesterone gel, but I will have to wait to see the doctor on Tuesday.