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Bloodwork done this morning, and an apppointment with Dr. VanDeerling this afternoon. He says he will do an ultrasound to see if he can see anything, but he can’t be sure since it is pretty early. If he does see something, he’ll talk to me about the meds. We head in for the ultrasound, and we see a fetal sac, but it is so small that it doesn’t even measure on the chart yet. He tells me to go ahead and start Lovenox injections, a blood thinner similar to heparin. He also starts a prenatal vitamin and a low dose aspirin. I am still supposed to stay on my glucophage, but he orders a fasting sugar to compare with my last one, which was a bit high. The bloodwork comes in late today. My beta is 1261 – not bad for a starting number – but the progesterone is lower than they like to see it, only 11.8. They want it to be at least 15. I will repeat the test on Friday.