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Eilis 2004 update

Welcome to Eilis’ Page

Lilypie 4th Birthday

There is always something exciting going on in Eilis’ life, and you can find out all about it right here!

September, 2004

This is a big month for our little one! She started Preschool at the Big Girl School where Brighid goes. Check her out on her first and second days below:

Eilis also started Irish Step Dancing Classes this fall. She is with the same dance school Brighid goes to. Even though her teacher says she doesn’t need them, Eilis wants “musical shoes” like Brighid so she can dance better.

Eilis gets a haircut, Disney Style!

In April, 2004, Eilis had her haircut at the Barber Shop on Main Street, USA at Walt Disney World. She was treated like a Princess by Billie, her stylist. It was a great experience!

First, Eilis tells Billie she wants “twirly hair“, and Billie gets to work trimming away! Then she get Eilis a pair of Mouse Ears that say “First Haircut“. She also got a certificate and some “pixie dust“ confetti sprinkled in her hair!

This is Eilis and Dram (Grandmom) at our house during the yard sale this past spring. Dram sold a lot of stuff, but Eilis mostly brought her stuff back into the house. You can see she has tied her empty apron to Dram’s head, and now she is trying to beg money from her!

Eilis got a new swing set earlier this summer and she has had a great time on the slide and climbing the rock wall. Her favorite thing is to swing, though. She just loves it.