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I cannot begin to tell you what this picture is. I know the round circle that you see is the yolk sac, which is how the baby is currently receiving what he needs. The tech tells me the head is at the same end as the yolk sac. There was a better picture at the office, but somehow, the tech thought this was the one I should take with me. Go figure.

>At any rate, the baby continues to grow right on target and measured 8 weeks today. They have given me a due date of May 7th, although as we know with the other two babies, the due date means very little. Babies seem to arrive whenever they want to get here!

The doctor told me today that he really thinks the chances of miscarriage now are definitely less than 10%, which was music to my ears. He said everything looked great, and when I asked him about taking our vacation at the end of October to FL, he encouraged it. He said that I would be at the end of the first trimester then and in need of a celebration, and he could see no better way to celebrate! I’m still going to play it by ear, though. If I don’t feel up to it, I will definitely be staying home. Right now, though, I feel pretty good, and am losing weight (down ten pounds) now that I am more strictly following the diabetic diet. Hopefully, I’ll be down another few pounds by then and full of energy. The big symptom I have in this first trimester is the fatigue. I feel like I can never get enough sleep. Thankfully, Jim watches Eilis so I can get in bed earlier at night and sleep later on the weekends.

This is what a baby at 8 weeks looks like when you are not looking at an ultrasound screen: