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Well, I had Barry today as my ultrasound tech, and he’s not the most sociable guy. He wasn’t quick to point anything out, and at first, I was sure something was wrong. He seemed to be pressing really hard and not saying anything. It wasn’t until he took the measurement of the fetal heart rate that he finally turned the screen and said, ?Here’s the heart beat.? The heart was beating at 171 beats per minute, and the baby measured 11 weeks, 3 days – a day ahead of schedule.

When Barry was finished, Dr. Bolognese came in and went over the findings. Of course, despite Barry’s demeanor, absolutely everything was fine. He said he was very pleased that the heart rate was so high, as that is a good indicator of a positive outcome. He said that until week 16, there is still a risk of miscarriage at about 10%, but by week 16, it drops to less than 3%. I thought I would be out of the woods by week 12, but Dr. Bolognese just smiled and said everyone thinks that’s the magic number. He asked me about genetic issues and amnio, and I asked him about the value of a quad screen (a blood test that screens for things like Down’s Syndrome and neural tube defects, like in spina bifida). He said that the test is ?graded? on a bell curve, and if they find where I am on that curve, there is no reason to completely discount the findings of the test. In other words, there is not a predetermined reason for me to fail that test. He also said at about 16 – 18 weeks, we can do a Level II ultrasound, which will check for certain markers they look for in babies with Downs syndrome, such as calcium deposits in the heart, a thicker nuchal fold, difference in long bone length. He said that due to my diabetes, they would do this more intense ultrasound anyway. I have actually begun to feel very small movements from time to time. There is nothing consistent yet, and the doctor was suprised I was feeling them, but he verified with the ultrasound that what I was feeling was the baby. I told him when I felt the baby move, and he verified that the baby was moving when I indicated. It’s a wonderful feeling, but you kind of grow to expect it, and it’s disappointing when you don’t feel it. I won’t feel regular movements for at least 8 more weeks.

They did give me an ultrasound picture today, but it’s an awful one. Barry is just not into the real adorable pictures. He just likes to finish the scan and get out of the office.

I thought I would be done today, but I go back the first week in November. I scheduled the appointment on a Friday again with Dr. Bolognese, because he and Eilis made a deal about some Halloween candy.


My appointment with Dr. Librizzi was like night and day compared to yesterday’s appointment. He came in all smiles and hugs to tell me that the ultrasound looked great, the baby looked great, and he is thrilled I have gotten further along than I have with any of the babies I have lost. He asked how my meeting with the ob/gyn went, and I told him. He pulled me into his office and told me that she should have told me that the baby has a 97.5 percent chance of being perfectly fine instead of scaring the life out of me, and he reiterated his feeling that someone coming from my background needs as much positive reinforcment as possible. Even though the midwife told me I didn’t need to see Dr. Librizzi again after today, he scheduled me for another peek at the baby next week, YIPPEEE. He also said he was going to phone Dr. Ayres on my behalf and speak with him about what he considered the improper treatment I was given. Go, Dr. Librizzi.

And here is the latest picture of our little one.

It’s still very hard to tell what it is, but the part to the left is the head, and you can see little brighter white spots to the right and left, which are the arm buds. The triangle shaped part is the rest of the little body 🙂 I think he resembles Jim!!

This is a 10 week old fetus, actual size:

He weighs about as much as 4 paper clips.

I see Dr. Librizzi again next Wednesday for another ultrasound, so keep checking back!


I had my first appointment today with the ob/gyn office that I have chosen at the recommendation of two of my doctors. Because the perinatologist wanted me seen right away, I took the first available appointment, and that was with the Nurse/Midwife. Things seemed to be going well early on in our meeting. We discussed my medical history and things of that nature, then she asked if I intended to have an amnio done. I told her I didn’t think so, and I suggested I could have the Quadruple Screen blood test first. She said I wouldn’t pass it due to advanced maternal age, and if I was not prepared to have an amnio done, I should be prepared to handle a child with Down’s Syndrome. She gave me a 1 in 40 chance of having a child with this birth defect. I was pretty put off by the number, and got a bit upset. She followed that up by telling me my endocrinologist has me checking my sugars too many times a day, and I should cut back to 4 times, and finished by telling me that at about 30 weeks the doctor would schedule my c-section for around 39 weeks. Okay. None of what she had to say was positive, and I left pretty upset. This was not a good appointment. I even had to have a Pap smear 🙁


I had another good appointment today with the perinatologist. The baby measured 9 weeks 1 day, which is actually a day ahead of schedule. The heart rate was 164 BPM, and the nurse said they love to see the heart rate up nice and high like that – it’s a good sign. The baby was moving quite a bit today, and the nurse got a kick out of it. She said not all babies this small are quite as wiggly, and that was good too. She got to see the baby from a variety of angles because of all the movement, and pointed out leg buds, arm buds, and a few other important parts. Because of the blood thinner I am on, I have to add twice daily calcium supplements because the blood thinner tends to zap calcium which both the baby and I will need. I also have to have some blood work done to check the level of blood thinner in my body. They would like to see me get a medic alert bracelet as well indicating that I am on the blood thinner, and she told me about one patient who had a jeweler make a Tiffany style bracelet with her medical conditions on the little heart. I can’t imagine a hospital or an ambulance thinking to check a normal looking bracelet for medical conditions.

So, all is looking good right now, and I am getting ready to order my first maternity tops – I need a couple of summer tops to wear to FL at the end of the month!!

And here is what our little one looked like for the camera today:

The head is to the left.