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I had another good appointment today with the perinatologist. The baby measured 9 weeks 1 day, which is actually a day ahead of schedule. The heart rate was 164 BPM, and the nurse said they love to see the heart rate up nice and high like that – it’s a good sign. The baby was moving quite a bit today, and the nurse got a kick out of it. She said not all babies this small are quite as wiggly, and that was good too. She got to see the baby from a variety of angles because of all the movement, and pointed out leg buds, arm buds, and a few other important parts. Because of the blood thinner I am on, I have to add twice daily calcium supplements because the blood thinner tends to zap calcium which both the baby and I will need. I also have to have some blood work done to check the level of blood thinner in my body. They would like to see me get a medic alert bracelet as well indicating that I am on the blood thinner, and she told me about one patient who had a jeweler make a Tiffany style bracelet with her medical conditions on the little heart. I can’t imagine a hospital or an ambulance thinking to check a normal looking bracelet for medical conditions.

So, all is looking good right now, and I am getting ready to order my first maternity tops – I need a couple of summer tops to wear to FL at the end of the month!!

And here is what our little one looked like for the camera today:

The head is to the left.