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I had my first appointment today with the ob/gyn office that I have chosen at the recommendation of two of my doctors. Because the perinatologist wanted me seen right away, I took the first available appointment, and that was with the Nurse/Midwife. Things seemed to be going well early on in our meeting. We discussed my medical history and things of that nature, then she asked if I intended to have an amnio done. I told her I didn’t think so, and I suggested I could have the Quadruple Screen blood test first. She said I wouldn’t pass it due to advanced maternal age, and if I was not prepared to have an amnio done, I should be prepared to handle a child with Down’s Syndrome. She gave me a 1 in 40 chance of having a child with this birth defect. I was pretty put off by the number, and got a bit upset. She followed that up by telling me my endocrinologist has me checking my sugars too many times a day, and I should cut back to 4 times, and finished by telling me that at about 30 weeks the doctor would schedule my c-section for around 39 weeks. Okay. None of what she had to say was positive, and I left pretty upset. This was not a good appointment. I even had to have a Pap smear 🙁