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My appointment with Dr. Librizzi was like night and day compared to yesterday’s appointment. He came in all smiles and hugs to tell me that the ultrasound looked great, the baby looked great, and he is thrilled I have gotten further along than I have with any of the babies I have lost. He asked how my meeting with the ob/gyn went, and I told him. He pulled me into his office and told me that she should have told me that the baby has a 97.5 percent chance of being perfectly fine instead of scaring the life out of me, and he reiterated his feeling that someone coming from my background needs as much positive reinforcment as possible. Even though the midwife told me I didn’t need to see Dr. Librizzi again after today, he scheduled me for another peek at the baby next week, YIPPEEE. He also said he was going to phone Dr. Ayres on my behalf and speak with him about what he considered the improper treatment I was given. Go, Dr. Librizzi.

And here is the latest picture of our little one.

It’s still very hard to tell what it is, but the part to the left is the head, and you can see little brighter white spots to the right and left, which are the arm buds. The triangle shaped part is the rest of the little body 🙂 I think he resembles Jim!!

This is a 10 week old fetus, actual size:

He weighs about as much as 4 paper clips.

I see Dr. Librizzi again next Wednesday for another ultrasound, so keep checking back!