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My appointment today with Dr. Bolognese was pretty good. The tech that was working today took lots of pictures and said everything measured just fine – and they took a lot of measurements. Dr. Bolognese actually said we could probably go with my original due date of May 7th, since all the measurements have been pointing that way for the past couple of ultrasounds. I will see them again in mid-December for what is called an anatomy study. In that ultrasound, they will measure things like long bones (leg bones), the nose, check the heart, etc. There are several things in that ultrasound that will give them an indication of things like Downs Syndrome. Even if I was not advanced maternal age, they would do that scan because I am diabetic, and the doctor said they like to keep a closer eye on diabetic pregnancies. I don’t mind seeing the baby again, but I get so nervous with all the talk of the possibility of genetic defects. They keep assuring me that the chances of something being wrong are small, but the reminder that the possibility exists is always frightening.

My next appointment will be on November 12th with the regular ob/gyn office. I won’t get an ultrasound then, so we’ll have to wait until December to see how big our little one is getting!

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There’s not too much to update, since I haven’t seen the doctor since before our trip to Florida. The trip went extraordinarily well. I handled the walking and long days pretty well – I did get tired, but I’m a fat chick who never exercises, I’d get tired regardless! My blood sugars never went above 90 the entire trip – and I was able to enjoy dessert twice and some extra servings of fruit, which I loved, since it’s what I am missing and craving. I passed what I thought would be the magical 12 week mark last Wednesday, and the 13 week mark today, but since the doctor told me I really need to wait until week 16 before my chances of miscarriage drop again, there wasn’t much celebration.

I saw the nurse at Diabetes Control this week. She was very concerned about my 16 pound weight loss. I should have told her not to worry – we have Halloween candy now! She would not have been amused, but she does want me to mention the weight loss to the doctor to see if it bothers him. I lost weight when I was pregnant with Eilis, only to end the pregnancy with a 15 pound gain. Overweight women do have a tendency to lose in the early stages of pregnancy, so I really think her concern was unfounded.

I see Dr. Bolognese on Friday this week. I am missing my Wednesday appointments, but enjoyed the last one with Dr. Bolognese, so if this is not my last visit with that office, I may switch to Fridays.