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There’s not too much to update, since I haven’t seen the doctor since before our trip to Florida. The trip went extraordinarily well. I handled the walking and long days pretty well – I did get tired, but I’m a fat chick who never exercises, I’d get tired regardless! My blood sugars never went above 90 the entire trip – and I was able to enjoy dessert twice and some extra servings of fruit, which I loved, since it’s what I am missing and craving. I passed what I thought would be the magical 12 week mark last Wednesday, and the 13 week mark today, but since the doctor told me I really need to wait until week 16 before my chances of miscarriage drop again, there wasn’t much celebration.

I saw the nurse at Diabetes Control this week. She was very concerned about my 16 pound weight loss. I should have told her not to worry – we have Halloween candy now! She would not have been amused, but she does want me to mention the weight loss to the doctor to see if it bothers him. I lost weight when I was pregnant with Eilis, only to end the pregnancy with a 15 pound gain. Overweight women do have a tendency to lose in the early stages of pregnancy, so I really think her concern was unfounded.

I see Dr. Bolognese on Friday this week. I am missing my Wednesday appointments, but enjoyed the last one with Dr. Bolognese, so if this is not my last visit with that office, I may switch to Fridays.