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Here are the latest pictures of our new baby! They were taken this morning at just over 19 weeks. The doctor said everything looked great, the baby had no detectable birth defects, and there were no markers for Downs Syndrome or any other abnormalities. I know the photos are kind of large, but I wanted to make sure you could see the detail that they pointed out to us – including the baby’s little foot and the outstretched leg!

baby pictures

This is the baby’s face – the technician marked where you can see the eyes.

baby pictures

This is a foot – you can actually see the little toes.

baby pictures

This is a little outstretched leg. You can see the foot at the left, with toes pointing up, and then the lower part of the leg, up the slightly bended knee, and then the thigh. I told Jim if there was a lamp shade in there, this would very much resemble the lamp from the movie ?A Christmas Story.?

Oh, and in case you hadn’t figured it out yet…

And Jim wasn’t too disappointed 😉 I know he would have loved a little boy, but I am absolutely over the moon to have another daughter!!

Here is a picture, measuring 13 weeks and 5 days:

baby pictures

The head is to the left, and that is a little leg sticking up at the right side. I even saw the baby put his hand straight up in the air. The tech tried to capture that, but the baby moved too quickly. We also saw quite a big jump!