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Good news all around today! At my last ultrasound appointment with the perinatologist, they were not able to get a good visualization of the baby’s lips or spine, so they wanted to check those again today for abnormalities. They found none – perfect little lips and a perfect spine. I also got it confirmed with the perinatologist that I do not need to continue sticking myself with needles filled with Lovenox (the blood thinner) anymore! I spoke to him today about switching hospitals, and he said that the ob/gyn I am going to IS affiliated with the hospital I want to use. If for some reason he cannot do my c-section at the hospital I want to go to, he will be able to refer me to someone who practices more regularly at the hospital. I’m not sure it will matter a whole lot, but I just feel comfortable at the hospital with the higher level NICU, especially since Brighid needed one for 31 days. I am good to go for another month before I go back, and then they will do another ultrasound just to check the baby’s growth. I did learn today that she weighs about 15 ounces. I got only one u/s picture today, and it is very similar to the leg one I already have posted, so I’ll spare you!!