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I had an ultrasound appointment with Dr. Librizzi today, and he told me the baby looks great!   She does measure a little small for where I am, but not too small so that he’s worried about it.  There is apparently a very large window, and as long as the baby measures between the 10th and 90th percentile, they consider her to be fine.  She was approximately 1 pound, 10 ounces, and they did confirm that she is a girl.  She was fairly active during today?s appointment, but I cheated and ate a cookie going into the appointment, since she is usually very quiet during the ultrasounds.

We talked about monitoring my diabetes, and Dr. Librizzi said he feels as though since I will be delivering at Washington Township, I should have a doctor within Dr. Ayres group monitor the sugars.  I now have another doctor, another perinatologist, who will be able to follow me not only through the pregnancy, but through the delivery and the post-natal transition.  Apparently, my insulin requirements will likely need to be addressed very soon after the baby is born, and since the new doctor, Dr. Konchak, is with Dr. Ayres group, he?ll be able to be with me at the other hospital, which Dr. Librizzi cannot do.

The baby had a very quiet day yesterday, not moving around too much, and although Dr. Librizzi said she really looked great today, he said if I have another day like that, I should   notify Dr. Ayres office in case they want to check her out again.

They did give me a few pictures.  I think in the profile, the way her nose turns up just a bit, she resembles Brighid more than Eilis, but with the photos so grainy, and so hard to tell what you?re looking at, I guess we?ll have to wait and meet her to see what her little nose is doing!