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I had my first appointment today with the new ob/gyn office. They are very warm and very friendly, and everyone spent a good deal of time with me going over things. This seems like a very nice office, and they are pretty organized. I can?t imagine I?ll ever have to wait too long to see anyone here. Everything is organized into pods, and you are sent to the pod you need to be in to wait. There is a pod for lab work, one for ultrasounds, one for NSTs, etc.

They will see me here once a week beginning next week for non stress tests and weekly visits until I am 36 weeks pregnant, then I will be there twice weekly. I am secretly hoping I have the baby sooner than that, but only for selfish reasons. I know it?s better to keep the baby in as long as I can, but I am so tired and cranky all the time! Oh well. I can?t imagine I?ll be any better when I?m the sleep deprived mother of three!!