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baby pictures

We took Eilis today for the sibling class at the hospital where we will have the baby. She had a good time, and she was so well behaved! The class started off with each of the kids getting a coloring book, and that was followed by watching a movie called “Silly Siblings”. Eilis enjoyed the movie, and really seemed to be paying attention to it. We then got to go on a “baby hunt”. The teacher told them we would be taking a secret tunnel underground over to the hospital, where we would hunt for new babies. Eilis loved the fact that she was going in a secret tunnel, but then by the time we got into the maternity ward, she forgot what we were there to hunt!

We went right to the nursery, where there were no babies, but the teacher found one for us right away. The baby was 2 days old, and was tiny, pink, and so adorable. Eilis took a good long look through the nursery windows at the new little bundle, before hoping off of the bench to continue her tour of the hospital. There were no empty rooms, so they were unable to show the kids where the mommies would be once the babies were born, but on the way out, another new baby was being wheeled out of her mommy?s room for a hearing test. The baby was right at eye level for Eilis, and she got an up close peek at what her new baby will be like.

We went back to the teaching facilities afterwards, and the kids had some snacks. Then the teacher showed them how to hold the new babies, how to feed them, and how to change diapers. Eilis did all of those things without any trouble, and was so proud of herself for getting a certificate with her name on it!

She got to pick the place for lunch after she passed the class, so we headed off to Wendy?s. She called Brighid and Dram and Megan to let everyone know how great her class was. She has been much more interested in the baby since then, even reprimanding me for doing my insulin shots the other day because “they might hurt the baby.” I was really worried about how she would be, but I think she?ll do just fine.