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Today was the last of 3 doctor appointments in a week! It’s exhausting! On Monday, I went in for my second non-stress test. These tests cause me considerable stress for a variety of reasons, and having failed the one last week, I was not anxious to go again. Fortunately, this time, I ended up passing, but not without what seemed like an eternity in the chair, and some doubt from the technician about whether or not the doctor would accept it, since the baby had fallen off of the monitor a few times. From there, I went on to my appointment with Dr. Mackey. So far, everyone at this new office is very nice, and she is no exception. She said that my blood pressure was high when they took it at the beginning of my appointment, and combined with the results of my 24 hour urine from the week before, she was inclined to think I was becoming pre-eclamptic. That is the condition I developed during my pregnancy with Brighid that caused her to be born so early. The doctor decided to redo my blood pressure when I mentioned how stressful the non-stress test was, and found my BP to be 122/70 thank goodness! She had spoken of hospital admission, and I was so relieved to be back in the normal range on the blood pressure scale.

To be on the safe side, she instructed me to repeat the 24 hour urine, and return on Wednesday, 3/16 for a blood pressure check. This time, I met with Dr. Cortese, a very nice man who was glad to give me the news that my BP was normal. He also said while I was there, he would look for the baby?s heartbeat, because he said it?s such a treat to hear it, and after all I’d been through worrying about the test, I deserved a nice treat. He also asked me about names and things, and reminded me that there is an end in sight, now that they have scheduled my c-section for April 29th.

Today, I saw Dr. Rothman at the ante-natal testing unit. The baby measures 4 pounds, 6 ounces, already bigger than Brighid when I brought her home from the hospital! He said everything else was right on target, and suggested talking to the new ob/gyn about either them or the ATU taking over the monitoring of my blood sugars. I have an appointment on Monday for another NST, so I’ll talk to the doctor about it then.