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Grace’s Two Week Check Up

We took Grace yesterday for a weight check, since they were worried about her weight last week.  She has gained 9 ounces in 7 days, so they were happy to see her weight up to 7 pounds, 5 ounces.  Dr. Mark also checked the sacral dimple she has and said he wouldn’t think it was anything to worry about, but it was up to us if we want to take her to the ultrasound appointment we made.  I think we might keep the appointment to be safe.

Her umbilical cord finally fell off late Thursday night, so she had her first bath tonight!   Eilis and I gave her a quick scrub.  She cried initially, but then seemed to get used to the water and didn’t seem to mind it as much.

We also bought her a swing today – and she really loved it.  It’s a Papasan by Fisher Price, and it plays music and nature sounds that she seemed to really enjoy.  She got very comfortable in it and was starting to doze off.  Very cool swing.