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A Visit From Aunt Joan

With my dad being so sick, my Aunt Joan came down this weekend to visit him.  She found time to make a stop in to see Granuaile, and it was such a nice visit!!   She came with a broken foot, but thank goodness she was able to get up the steps into the house.

Now, just before Eilis was born, I had a major hormonal crying jag about her not having a crocheted baby blanket from my Grandmom Fee, who had made baby blankets for all the babies before her.  At Eilis’ Christening, my Aunt Joan came from up north with a blanket that she crocheted that just made me cry for days after.  I was so thrilled Eilis had a blanket and there was someone in the family who loved her and made it especially for her.  With Gracie, I hadn’t even thought much about it – my Aunt is so busy with things in the convent, and I didn’t dare dream that her schedule would allow her to make  a blanket for Grace.  Well, today, she brought a beautifully wrapped package, and not only did it contain the most beautiful blanket for Grace, made with love from her great Aunt Joan, but it also contained a gorgeous crocheted sweater, booties, and hat made by some of the other Sisters.  I barely contained the tears, but as soon as we finished our visit, I put Grace in her new duds and took her out back.  There is a satiny sheen to the yarn used in the blanket and she was literally shimmering in the sunshine out back!

Stop in the Gallery and check out Grace’s pictures.  I posted some cute ones of her in her new outfit from Aunt Joan!