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It’s Coming to An End :-(

Jim is only on vacation for two more days, then the weekend, before he goes back to work and deserts me with three children!   It’s been so nice not to have to do every overnight feeding, and to have time during the day to pump in peace, answer some email, post on my blog, and at least this week, cook   meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I am praying to find the strength to get through the only one month before my two oldest girls are out of school so that I won’t have to worry about getting someone to school at 8, someone at 9, pick up at 11, pick up at 12:15, pick up at 2:30.  Eilis only has 5 more days of school, and a picnic on the 6th day, so it shouldn’t be too awful getting her back and forth.  Brighid has to go until graduation on June 13th, but really, that’s only a month from now, and we have Memorial weekend to look forward to.  I should be fine, but knowing that I have had help for four weeks and now have to do it alone is a bit daunting.

My father was to have surgery today to put a permanent something or other in to facilitate his dialysis.  This whole thing is really taking it’s toll.  Not much to say except it’s a sad thing to watch your parents die.  I hope anyone who reads this is lucky enough to just have their parents drop dead one day so you don’t have to watch them die a very slow death.  It’s not pleasant.

On a happier note, I am officially down 49 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight 🙂   I’m pretty happy with myself, and following now the South Beach diet.  I am 3 days in to the initial 2 weeks, and it hasn’t been that bad.  Jim, however, is having headaches that apparently can only be cured with Krispy Kremes.  He’s sticking with it though.  He didn’t weigh in when we started, so we’ll have no way to know how much he’s losing.  I think he’ll do okay, though, as long as I keep making the meals and telling him what and when to eat.