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I Want to Own the Man Show

…and the next thing we know, there are three Spanish speaking homosexuals gracing our TV set.  There are dangers to teaching children new things, and as parents of a 13 year old, you would think we would have learned this long before we started teaching things to our 4 year old.

We were sitting around the other night, and there was nothing suitable on TV for Eilis to watch.  She had a bit of a cold, and wanted to just chill out on the sofa and watch a show, so I turned to the On Demand channel to see if there were some PBS type of cartoons available that she hadn’t seen yet.  There were, and she spent the evening watching Thomas the Tank Engine and Barney. 

The next evening, Eilis is crying over not finding something on TV and no one will put a movie on for her, and she starts yelling something that sounds to everyone like “I Want to Own the Man Show!!”   Having no knowledge that the child had any inkling that the show existed, and a little ticked off at her father, the only one who might have introduced her to the depravity that was this Comedy Central show, I sent the kid downstairs to find something on TV that she could watch.

Next thing we know, she has tuned in to the On Demand channel and has apparently ordered a pay per view movie spoken in Spanish, about homosexuals.  She didn’t want to own the man show – which might have been safer.  She wanted an On Demand show.  Now we owe $4 to Comcast for 20 seconds of a movie no one could understand or enjoy (at least not with a 4 year old in the room).

Proof positive that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.