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Two Days From the Big Day

After weeks of worrying, planning, deciding, and determining, Granuaile’s Christening is just two days away.  This will be our last big party for a while – at least until Brighid graduates high school, and then I don’t know what kind of shindig she’ll want.  We chose a caterer based on the deliciousness (is that a word) of his food – even though we haven’t eaten it in 13 years!! – and on the location of the hall, which is less than 2 miles from church.

Our menu consists of Chicken Marsala; Veal Scallopini; Baked Stuffed Shells, Grean Beans Almondine; Tossed Salad, and three “specialty” salad, which will be a surprise, since we didn’t get to choose those.  We are also going to have vegetables and dip; pepperoni, cheese and crackers; and as a very generous gift from the caterer, hot hors d’ouevres.  Then, there will be a selection of pastries and a marble pound cake from DiBartolo’s – YUMMM. 

The worst part of the whole day is I have to find something to wear.  I have lost 51 pounds, which is great, but all the skin that was holding up all that fat is now drooping down around my ankles.  I tried on a few things yesterday, and hated how I looked in everything.  I have regrouped, put on better underwear, and am going to try again this afternoon with Brighid.  It’s a sad sight, though, standing in front of a mirror with your boobs hanging down past your belly button and your saggy skin from your belly hanging at your knees.  I will probably end up with something shapeless and unflattering that hides most of what I don’t want people to see 🙁