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So I Have Something To Wear

but my whole stage fright thing is setting in.  I hate being the center of attention for anything, and I am already dreading having to get up in front of the congregation tomorrow.  I hope there is no standing up on the altar or anything like that – that way even though I’m standing in front of the Church, I’ll only be visible by the first couple of rows.

I settled on a pair of black trousers and a green wrap style blouse.  You can see the blouse here http://catherines.charmingshoppes.com/Shopping/product.asp?product_id=C1009352&nav=C1

I thought I looked pretty good in it, but took Brighid shopping with me and got no real reaction from her.  Then I got home and my husband didn’t make any kind of fuss over it.  I finally took it to my mom’s this morning and both she and Megan thought I looked good in it.  Then, in a cruel twist of fate, the weather has changed from going to be 78 and sunny to being 68 and rainy.  I may end up wearing a blouse I already have in the closet.  I bought some matching jewelry for the green blouse – it may have to wait until Brighid’s dinner dance.

I truly hope everyone has a good time at the party.  I hope people dance, and I hope they stay for a good bit of the afternoon.  We have the hall and the DJ for 5 hours, and it would be a terrible shame for people to come, eat, and leave right away.

And now I’m off to write my sister’s speech for tomorrow.  She is supposed to toast the baby as her Godmother (and Brett as her Godfather), and neither of them quite know what to say.  Like I do…