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The Dancing Queen

You think this is going to be about Brighid, don’t you??

Yesterday was the Christening, and my little Eilis thought she was the “Cat’s Pajamas”.  She wore the dress I let her choose out of several options a few weeks before I went into the hospital, and she wore her “princess shoes”.  As soon as we got to the hall after the Mass was over, Eilis found the dance floor.  While the quiet welcoming music was playing, Eilis was the only one on the dance floor.  While the dinner music was playing, Eilis was on the dance floor.  Then, the DJ started playing musical games with the kids – guess who never left the dance floor?   Yep, Eilis.

She barely sat long enough to get a bite to eat, and mostly she ate the pepperoni and cheese, which she could grab on the run.  She had a few drinks of soda, and then got right back out on the dance floor.  She danced so hard, she ripped her dress nearly to shreds!   She must have fallen and stood on the outside layer of the dress as she tried to get up, and it ripped away from the dress.  She was amazingly cute, I thought.  My own little party animal 😉