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The Days Ahead

After a fitfull few hours of sleep – from about 6:30 until 9:30 – Ann phoned to tell us that we have a meeting with the funeral home at 2 today.  My dad wanted everything done on a Saturday so no one will have to take off from work to attend.  We have to find the first Saturday that there are no 11 o’clock masses scheduled at their church.  Jim offered to take Ann out to get something to eat afterwards, but her sister is putting a meal together because Ann has people visiting at her house.  I’m not sure where I fit in in all of this.  I’m not really part of Ann’s family, at least when it came to things like celebrating holidays and stuff.  I mean, if Ann and my dad were hosting something, we were usually invited, but if they were spending a holiday with Ann’s extended family, we were not included.  I’m not sure what my place is in this whole thing.

I am going to work this week on a booklet for my dad, like we did for Jim’s dad and for Bean.  I have some nice pictures of my dad, but will probably have to get pictures from Ann of stuff I missed while I lived in FL.  He has pictures from trips to Hawaii, Alaska, and Ireland – I’m sure he would want some of those pictures included in the booklet.  He seemed happy when we told him we were making one for him.  I hope I can do him justice.