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Date with The Grim Reaper – or his lesser evil twin

I hate to be sick for a variety of reasons.  The biggest reason is that I hate to feel badly, and I hate the whole vomitting thing that occurs.  Fortunately, I don’t get that sick very often.  I went to bed with a bedtime snack of a small piece of carrot cake on Saturday evening, and by 11 PM, I was shivering and shaking so badly that my muscles were starting to cramp.  Jim came up, helped me find sweats and heavy socks, and then he lay beside me to help keep me warm.  Then, about 3 AM, the puking began.  It continued on into the morning, with alternating high fever and drenching sweats.  I slept all day Sunday, on and off between trips to the bathroom, bucket in tow.  Thank goodness for my Brighid, who did an awesome job helping her father with the two little ones.  Jim could not stay home today, although I really could have used him, so Brighid is pitching in again today way beyond her sisterly duties.  It was all I could do today to hop in the shower.  Still have awful stomach pain, but the vomitting has been replaced by the lesser of two evils – diarrhea.  My head pounds, my fever is down, and I have no energy.  The kids were starving after raiding the fridge, so we ran to Wendy’s for a bite for them.  Brighid is doing so well with the baby.  She deserves a medal 🙂