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My Psychic Experience

Let me begin by reminding anyone who knows me and informing anyone who does not that I am a psychic junkie.  I love this stuff.  As far as I’m concerned, John Edward walks on water and I would follow him to the ends of the universe if he offered me a private reading for ten times what he normally charges.

Months ago, my mom’s friend went to see a psychic named Aislin.  She is from Ireland, and Donna had such an amazing experience, that she gave my mom Aislin’s number and told her to call.  She told her all about her reading and how accurate it was and the things she predicted – many of which have since come true.  She sees dead people, apparently, and I think Donna thought my mom would get in touch with my sister, Bean, who died on March 7th, 2003.  My mom called me and told me to call her and make an appointment, but I left a message that was never returned.

Earlier this year, my mom began wondering again, and I told her to call and get an appointment.  She got one for Tuesday, April 5th.  Unfortunately, I was admitted to the hospital on Monday, April 4th.  My mom phoned to cancel the appointment, and she was told by Aislin that I would not go to my expected delivery date with the baby (which was May 7th), and she told my mother that my diabetes (which is why I was in the hospital) would get worse but then get better (which it did).  My mom thanked her and told her we would call when I had the baby and could come back.

So, it was finally our turn to go see her on July 19th.  With my father recently dying, I was too familiar with some psychics to expect him to come through.  I have heard that once they cross over, there is a period of time during which they have to get used to being there before they can begin communicating with us.  Either my dad is a really quick adjuster, or Aislin’s spirits don’t believe in that rule.  My dad came through right away and the first thing he did was acknowledge Jim for bringing him food in the hospice care facility.  He gave me messages like he felt guilty about leaving the way he did, but he was happy to be where he was and it was the right thing for him.  He said he was sorry he passed along the gene for diabetes to me, and ultimately to Eilis, but that neither of us would suffer the complications that he did.  He also apologized for not being there for me at times when I felt like I needed him.  I don’t think that was something accurate, as I do not know of any time that my dad wasn’t there for me – well, there was about two years when he didn’t speak to me for a reason I still don’t know.

I got predictions for things that are supposed to happen.  Jim and I are supposed to have a fourth child in about 3 years – of course, I’ve had my tubes tied, so we will see how that plays out.  She told me it would be the child of a member of Jim’s family, not our daughters.  My girls will all be happy and successful, although Eilis will stay with me the longest, leaving home when she is 30.  Brighid will be a teacher, Grace will be something artistic.  She didn’t say what Eilis would be.

Overall, for the $35 it cost, it was an awesome experience at half of what John Edward tickets cost me to just sit in an auditorium of thousands and listen to everyone else get messages.  I’ll let you know how accurate she is if I’m changing newborn diapers in 3 years.