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Missing Brighid, Enjoying Eilis

Brighid has been at camp for three days now, which has forced me to spend even more time than I normally do with my two littles.  It’s been a tough three days, and God Bless the moms who do this every day without help.  I can barely find time during the day to pee, let alone eat healthy, shower, do laundry, etc.  Not only do I miss the extra hands Brighid provides, I just miss Brighid.  I’m always glad to have her go to camp, because it’s good for her to be away and involved with the Irish community, but I miss her little face around the house.

Having said that, Eilis seems to be on especially good behavior during the day.  She has been helping with the baby, helping with laundry, playing nicely by herself, sitting with me and reading stories, and wanting to learn things.  Yesterday, she wrote her name 🙂   She’s a whole different kid – for the most part – when Brighid isn’t here.

And little Grace – well, she just goes along for the ride so far.  She’s happy no matter who lives here and who is getting in trouble (although she did cry with Eilis tonight when Eilis got in trouble).