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Sears – The Unreliable and the Unfriendly

We have always (okay, not always, but usually) maintained service contracts on our major appliances.  The contracts have always been through Sears.  We almost never need service, but one time a few months back, we needed service on our freezer.  We scheduled a day, we were called the day before to confirm our time, and then the day of, about 3 PM, the technician called and said he was on his way here.  He never showed up.  I called the next morning to find out what happened, since no one could tell me anything the evening of, and I was told that they overbooked and would have to reschedule.  They wanted to give me a date about a week out, after I had already waited four days for the appointment I had been given.  We had to take it, even though we had meat and stuff going bad in our freezer.

Last week, we renewed our contract with hesitation.  We scheduled appointments for the routine maintenance on all of the appliances.  We asked for appointments before our upcoming trip to FL so we knew we could go away and feel sure that nothing was leaking out all over our floor during our vacation.  We were given a date – today – and a time between 8 and 12.  At 8 AM, they call to say that our technician is not available and we will have to be rescheduled.  Now, we have already waited a week for this service, and they want us to wait until next Wednesday – another week and a half.  We will be in FL, so they kindly offered to schedule us for when we get back. 

I don’t understand first why there is not a back up technician for when someone calls out sick.  I also don’t understand how they can take everyone on the schedule today and push them out until more than a week away, with people that would be phoning today for service.  How is that fair?

No one at Sears was able to help us, including when we suggested we cancel our service contract and go with PSE&G telling us they would give us the phone number to call to do that.  They just can’t be bothered.

To my knowledge, Sears is not the most popular department store.  They have had financial difficulties in the past, although I don’t know how they stand now.  Well, where’s the customer service?   Where’s the determination to make the customer happy and keep the business?   Out the window.  We even had one guy, when we asked for his supervisor, tell us he didn’t know when his supervisor would be in.  He had no idea.  What??   What is an office coming to if you don’t know when your boss comes in?   When do you know when to clear your desk of the comic book, the pop-tart, and your feet?

We have decided not to deal with the aggravation, and for about $130 less per year, we are going to get a contract with PSE&G.  Let’s hope our experience is better.

We Have Roll Over!

At 3 months, 3 weeks, and 5 days old, on August 11th, Gracie rolled over from her tummy to her back 🙂   With Brighid, when she rolled over the first time, she got a shocked look on her face that was really adorable.  With Eilis, we were in a hotel room in North Carolina, Brighid was keeping an eye on her while I went to pump, Brighid took an eye off of her and she rolled onto the floor.  She was hysterical screaming, I was crying, I was yelling at Brighid, and no one had an adorable look on their face.  With Grace, it was more a look like, “What?   You didn’t know I could do that?”   No surprise, very matter of fact. 

I wonder if that’s a preview of how children are through life.  Can we see their reaction to their first major milestone in life and know that that is how they will handle everything that comes along?   I can look back on the reactions of Brighid and Eilis and while Eilis’ first experience was tainted, I can still relate the reactions each of them had back then to how they are now.  Very little has changed in their personalities.  I guess I’ll have to see how Grace turns out 🙂