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We Have Roll Over!

At 3 months, 3 weeks, and 5 days old, on August 11th, Gracie rolled over from her tummy to her back 🙂   With Brighid, when she rolled over the first time, she got a shocked look on her face that was really adorable.  With Eilis, we were in a hotel room in North Carolina, Brighid was keeping an eye on her while I went to pump, Brighid took an eye off of her and she rolled onto the floor.  She was hysterical screaming, I was crying, I was yelling at Brighid, and no one had an adorable look on their face.  With Grace, it was more a look like, “What?   You didn’t know I could do that?”   No surprise, very matter of fact. 

I wonder if that’s a preview of how children are through life.  Can we see their reaction to their first major milestone in life and know that that is how they will handle everything that comes along?   I can look back on the reactions of Brighid and Eilis and while Eilis’ first experience was tainted, I can still relate the reactions each of them had back then to how they are now.  Very little has changed in their personalities.  I guess I’ll have to see how Grace turns out 🙂