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Granuaile at 4 Months

Well, we took Granuaile for her four month check up today 🙂   She oohed and ahhed for the doctor appropriately, and rolled over on the table as if on cue.  She is now weighing 13 pounds, 6 ounces, which is right at the 50th percentile, and also at the 50th percentile was her length at 24 inches.  Her head, well, we’ve had issues with it before and this appointment wasn’t much different.  The nurse measured it at 42 cms, the doctor at 40.  It is still small, but managed to stay above the 10th percentile either way, so we’re safe from having to have her checked out by a neurosurgeon.

She has patches of eczema on her skin – not bad, but he suggested 1% hydrocortisone cream.  I don’t know about that – I’ll have to wait and see if it starts bothering her before I commit to any kind of steroids.  She also still has cradle cap.  He keeps pushing Selsun Blue, but it’s not that bad, and I’m keeping on top of it with oil and brush scrubbing.  The other medical issue she has is labial adhesions.  The doctor wanted me to use premarin cream – I guess when I poo-pooed the steroids, he thought he had a shot with hormones.  Needless to say, unless that bothers her, that will have to resolve on it’s own. 

She talks up a storm, and giggles and smiles – it’s so cute.  It breaks my heart sometimes to look at her, since she is my last.  I can’t seem to see enough of her little smiles or hear her little sighs often enough. 

She has a jumperoo, which she loves in short doses.  She likes the freedom, but then she wants the attention again. 

We’re getting ready for our Disney trip – I cannot wait to see her little reactions to everything so bright and beautiful – although she may be passed out from the heat, so I’ll never know what her reactions might have been LOL!!