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My Little Girl Is Going to College

So Eilis is taking a drama class.  It started on Saturday, and it is at a local community college.  To get her excited about going to the class, her dad kept telling her she was going to college before Brighid and how cool was that.  She was so excited – she even exclaimed that you had “to be 10 to go to college!!!”   We talked about it almost all week long, and then Saturday came.  I drove over to the school with just me and Eilis in the car.  She was very quiet, so I started talking about how great the class would be, and she’d make new friends.  She just quietly asked if there would be ANYONE that was a little kid in the whole college except her.  I felt pretty bad about going along with touting how important she was because she was going to college.

Anyway, she started roller skating last week and then the drama class.  She had a blast at both things, so I’m glad I took her.  I hope she makes new friends and has fun.