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It’s a Raspberry Morning!

Grace has learned in the last week or so to blow raspberries, and is ever so proud of herself for learning this amazing feat.  If you come withing 2 feet of our little Old Faithful, you will be doused with a hearty helping of baby spit.  Her father and her sister Eilis take great pride in this little Whiz Kid for being able to project this much bodily fluid at any given time, Brighid is a little grossed out by it, and I am just fascinated with the face she makes.  Instead of blowing raspberries in the usual way, she has refined her technique by pulling in her bottom lip, allowing the top lip to protrude as if she has buck teeth.  When she blows the raspberries in this manner, they have a tendency to spill out all over her chin and the top of whatever outfit she is wearing, as well as all over the arms and sleeves of whoever is holding her at the time.

The face is a beauty – I have captured it with two pictures in her photo gallery.  One is a bit more serious than the other, but you get the gist of it.  It’s a site to behold.