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Eilis’ Parent Teacher Conference, Fall 2005

I was so dreading going into this thing by myself and Jim could not get off from work.  Last year, I left crying, so I was holding out hope that I could at least make it to the car before I broke into tears.

All my concerns were quickly put at ease.  Eilis’ teachers described her as upbeat and optimistic.  She comes into class every day and says that she is “great”, and is very quick with hugs for everyone.  She plays well with the other children, she shares, and she seems to really enjoy school.  She participates in things, unlike last year, and she has fit right in with everything.

She does her numbers very well, with the occasional stumble at 7 and 8.  The only thing we need to work on is her letters, which she doesn’t seem to know very well.  They want her to know them all before she finishes preschool so she is ready for kindergarten.

It was so nice coming out of there, knowing that she’s doing well.  I always worry about Eilis.  I worry that I don’t give her enough time and attention, I worry that she will grow up to resent Brighid and Grace for various reasons, and I worry that she won’t know how much I love her because she is too busy trying to be somewhere where she feels like she is the center of attention all the time.  She has come so far.  She is still an independent little soul and a challenge sometimes, but from last year, when I was crying over how difficult she was, the tears this year were for a much better reason.