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Granuaile at 9 Months

Well, we’ve been to see the nurse practitioner, who pronounced our baby girl “Absolutely perfect!”   Of course, they pronounce most babies, that way, but it always does boost your ego to hear that your child is perfect.

She weighs in at a very acceptable 18.1 pounds.  That puts her at about the 50th percentile for weight.  She’s had a bit of a growth spurt and is now 27 inches tall – or long, depending how you look at her 🙂   That also puts her right down the middle.  They did not give me head numbers, but she is above the 25th percentile, so that’s all I wanted to hear.

She had to give blood and I was told she has a little iron deficiency – she should be at 10.5 and she is at 10.1.  They instructed me to make sure I am using iron fortified formula, which I am, and said I could use vitamin drops.  If you have ever tried to get those vitamin drops into a baby, you’ll understand why we’re going to see how we do at the 12 month visit.  She also got her last hepatitis B shot.  She was not a happy camper, although really, she started crying and complaining as soon as we got into the treatment room, so the shot and the blood test really just proved to her she was right to be upset from the start.

She waves bye-bye, says MaMa, Dada, and bye-bye; she gives kisses, and dances like a little disco queen.  She loves music.  I am starting her in a Kindermusik class on Monday night.  I hope she loves it – or at least loves the other children.