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So Much Time, So Little to Do – Scratch that, Reverse

There never seem to be enough hours in a day!   Just driving Brighid and Eilis back and forth to school takes up a good bit of my time, but then when you put in all the other stuff that has to get done – WHEW.  I’ve been so blessed in that Jim has decided we should keep the housekeeper for a while longer – at least until the summer, when I will have more free time.  He also has taken over washing the laundry.  He won’t fold anything, but he hangs up the stuff that needs to be hung, and for that I am extremely grateful.  Now if only I could twitch my nose and have the socks sort themselves out automatically…

Eilis’ birthday party is in just three days, and I haven’t done the shopping or decorating yet.  I plan to start that tonight.  She’ll be excited to see her birthday coming together – it’s a great age.  Everything is so magical at this age.

I just printed the pictures that I’ll use on Grace’s invitations, and I love them.  They look so cute, and the whole rubber ducky theme will come together so beautifully.

Brighid may get to go to dance camp after all this summer.  Her dance camp director emailed me and told me she could still come – we just have to work out the fine details.  That would be so cool – she loves going and loves the people there.  They’ve become an extended family to her, and it would really be sad for her to miss them.

Okay, that little time thing is creeping in and I’ve got to get busy!