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Chasing the Dead

I’m a big fan of mediums/psychics/anyone who can tell me what is going on with those people who have gone before me.  I feel sometimes like I am on a hunt to track down my sister, my dad, my grandparents, and I know I won’t find them without the help of an over priced snake oil salesman.

But some of these people have real gifts.  I know there are skeptics who will debunk everything, but even if what they tell you is not real, there is a feeling you get when you THINK you might have heard from someone you loved and lost that replaces the benefit of any drug.

My favorite is John Edward.  Not only is he oh so cute and so incredibly real and down to earth, but I believe he honestly has a gift.  I have seen him live three times, but each time, I was in a large audience with little or no chance of being read.  I need to save my money and go to a gallery type setting which is a lot more money to be in his presence with a lot fewer people.

But anyway, I got an email saying he was appearing on a taping of the new Naomi Judd show, and it was a 40 person audience, so when the tickets were still available when I contacted the studio, I jumped on them.  I took Ann with me, excited to think she really had a shot at hearing from my dad with such a little audience.  Well, the taping was to begin at 12, we didn’t get in there until after 1, we were out just after 3, and there were no readings done at all 🙁   John talked about his new book and how important the rosary is – something that my dad might say himself – but he had to leave immediately after taping his segment.  It was so disappointing, and I really want to find tickets to one of those small gallery sessions now.  $175 a piece!   I guess I’ll still be chasing for a while.