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Sonic Virgins No More

We tried a new restaurant for breakfast this morning – well, new to us.  We have never eaten at a Sonic Drive In, but when we pulled off the highway in search of an elusive McDonald’s in Somewhere Little, SC, we came upon a fairly deserted Sonic.  We pulled in and we were going to pull right out, not knowing if they were open or served breakfast, but we came around back where the drive up window is.  They   had a breakfast menu, so we decided to stay and order.

The kids had Wacky Packs.  When we ordered them, the sign had only French Toast listed for breakfast.  We were surprised when the person inside asked which Wacky Pack we wanted and quoted the other flavors – all lunch meals.  How cool that you can get lunch at 7:30 AM 🙂   The Wacky Packs come with 2 french toast sticks, an order of tater tots, and a drink.  We chose the Sunrise drink – cherry limeade with orange juice.  It was a hit with Brighid, but fell short for the other two girls.  Jim drank  Eilis’.  The french toast was well received – completely gone and not a spare bite to be had.

Jim and  I had the Bistro breakfast sandwiches – his with ham, mine with bacon.  It was a good sized sandwich, hot and fresh, with a bun that was almost snowflake roll like in texture.  Jim enjoyed his, felt like the bread was freshly made, not pre-packaged, and he really enjoyed the  tater tots, which had almost a buttery flavor.  You could alternatively get onion rings or fries with your breakfast.

A good experience, a nice meal, and we are hoping we find them again at lunchtime!  

Raglan Road Irish Pub review

Who: The Skamarakas Family – Jim (Dad); Anna (Mom); Brighid (DD14); Eilis (DD5); Granuaile (DD who turned 1 today!!); Dot (Grandmom); Russ (PopPop)

Where: Raglan Road Irish Pub

When: April 16, 2006

What: Lunch –
Where’s Me Fada Burger (kid’s menu cheeseburger with fries); Me Ma’s Pie – Beef and Lamb; Me Ma’s Pie – Chicken and Mushroom; Fada Burger – Sirloin burger with cheese; Sod – the Stew (an Irish stew made with Guinness); One and One – Fish and Chips; Ger’s Bread and Butter Pudding; Bates Bangher Banoffi Beauty – graham cracker crumbs, bananas, caramel and whipped cream
 Soft drinks and juice

Approximate Price of Entrees: About $100

Rate the following (1-5, five being the best!)

Food: 4
Service: 2

Atmosphere: 5

Okay for Children: Based on our experience today, I would say no.  Our service was WAYYYY too slow for the littlest members of our party.  We sat down to lunch just about 2 PM and didn’t get done until nearly 3:30.  There was Irish music piped in, but in terms of entertainment for little kids – none.
Okay for Couples: Yes – although this definitely has a pub atmosphere – don’t expect quiet and romantic

Be Sure to Try: We would both HIGHLY recommend the pies.  Dad had the chicken and mushroom; Mom had the beef and lamb.  The chicken had nice chunks of chicken and mushrooms in a nice gravy – similar to what you would expect in a chicken pot pie.  The beef and lamb had nicely flavored ground meats.  The pies themselves were flaky and light – very nice.  You can have them served with either chips (french fries) or a salad

General tips: We were here at 2 on Easter Sunday afternoon and expected to find crowds everywhere.  Well, due to the work being done at Pleasure Island, not too many people were heading back in this direction.  We had virtually the whole restaurant to ourselves for a while, and even after we had been there, only a few tables and a couple of bar stools were filled.  One of the bartenders was wandering around talking to us, and said it has been very quiet on Sunday afternoons with the construction work.  It was a good time to try the place out.

Dollarless Tip: I split my beef and lamb pie with the baby, and there was plenty for me to eat – especially with the nice portion of fries (not too much, not too little).  I think, had we eaten breakfast (which we did not, in case we wanted to order and sample a few things), two adults could have split the pie and the fries – and since we ordered dessert (we ordered two and we all shared), that would have been plenty to eat. 

Extra Comments:   There are not any real “starters” or appetizers on the lunch menu – a bit of a disappointment.  They did have two soups and some salads, but we had hoped to see some other appetizers that we could have shared.

Grandmom  did not enjoy her meal at all. She had fish and chips, and one of the pieces of fish was overcooked.  She said it was like eating straw.  A very handsome man with a brogue straight from the auld sod came over to try to rectify it – offering her new fish, a platter of something else, another drink, whatever she wanted.  She declined all of his offers but he was persistent with them, apologetic, and just so darn cute 🙂   My oldest daughter was swooning as he left the table.

Our waitress was one of the world’s worst.  She was very slow, kept forgetting important things, and filled my iced tea glass with Coke.  Unfortunately for her, she had no sweet Irish brogue, poor thing, so we weren’t very forgiving after the first few mistakes. 

We had an enjoyable meal here – most of us – the atmosphere is very authentic, and my daughter, a former champion Irish step dancer, enjoyed all of the music.  Also, if you are not interested in a big sit down, there is a counter service area where you can get a pint and some fish and chips or something else without having to get a table in the restaurant.    There is an outdoor seating area as well.

One Year Ago Today

It is 9 AM, April 16th, 2006.  Exactly one year ago at this time, I was sitting in a room with my husband and my stepmother.  I had already been stuck 6 times while they tried to get an IV started.  Apparently, I am an awful stick.  The first attempt went clear through the vein, and my right hand – the better of the two – is swollen with the fluid from the IV drip.  The doctor comes in to let me know she is there, but we are running a few minutes late.  In just a few minutes, I will be wheeled into surgery, where before they actually lay me down on the table, my nose begins to bleed, I begin to cry, and a rather unsympathetic nurse tells me to calm down. 

But by 10:30, I am in a recovery room, my husband by my side, and my brand new baby daughter, Granuaile Frances, is in the infant nursery, being oogled and ogled over by my mom, my oldest daughter, Brighid, and my stepmom.  The next few hours, days, and weeks, are a whirlwind of good and terrible things in my life, but I know, at least in the minute that she is born, that my world is absoloutely perfect.  They tell me that she has a head of thick, dark hair, a comment that makes me wonder if they’ve got the right kid – my other two were not follicularly blessed.  Her little screams and cries are like a musical – thank goodness, because she is making lots of them.  When I get to see her, this is the longest that they have ever let me see a new baby of mine.  I don’t know what to do, really – can you kiss her?   Can you touch her?   Shouldn’t you be taking her to have stuff checked?  

Despite a rocky pregnancy, she is, indeed perfect.  She has beautiful eyes, gorgeous toes, amazing little nose.  When I look at her now, a year later, she is still all that – and so much more than I could have imagined she would be. 

A Bedtime Story

So Eilis has nightmares.  She’s been telling me for a couple of weeks that she has them, and since Eilis is a night owl and hates to go to bed, I’ve been dismissing them as her way to avoid bedtime, but I have been letting her sleep in Brighid’s room.Last night, during a psychic reading, he told me that Eilis does indeed have nightmares (I did not volunteer any information, he just told me she does).  He said what I needed to do was put salt under her bed to help cleanse the area and keep the bad away from her.

So Eilis just came down to see about sleeping in Brighid’s room.  I told her she can’t tonight because Brighid is doing her homework still.  Then I proceeded to tell her that our friend Jimmie told me last night what to do to keep her from having bad dreams.  My daughter asked me what I did to fix it.  I told her I put salt under her bed to keep anything bad from happening to her.

She says to me:

“Well, the Monster that is under my bed is not only terrifying, but he is also allergic, and he already sneezed out all of the salt you put there.”

Eilis is sleeping with Brighid tonight.