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A Bedtime Story

So Eilis has nightmares.  She’s been telling me for a couple of weeks that she has them, and since Eilis is a night owl and hates to go to bed, I’ve been dismissing them as her way to avoid bedtime, but I have been letting her sleep in Brighid’s room.Last night, during a psychic reading, he told me that Eilis does indeed have nightmares (I did not volunteer any information, he just told me she does).  He said what I needed to do was put salt under her bed to help cleanse the area and keep the bad away from her.

So Eilis just came down to see about sleeping in Brighid’s room.  I told her she can’t tonight because Brighid is doing her homework still.  Then I proceeded to tell her that our friend Jimmie told me last night what to do to keep her from having bad dreams.  My daughter asked me what I did to fix it.  I told her I put salt under her bed to keep anything bad from happening to her.

She says to me:

“Well, the Monster that is under my bed is not only terrifying, but he is also allergic, and he already sneezed out all of the salt you put there.”

Eilis is sleeping with Brighid tonight.