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Sonic Virgins No More

We tried a new restaurant for breakfast this morning – well, new to us.  We have never eaten at a Sonic Drive In, but when we pulled off the highway in search of an elusive McDonald’s in Somewhere Little, SC, we came upon a fairly deserted Sonic.  We pulled in and we were going to pull right out, not knowing if they were open or served breakfast, but we came around back where the drive up window is.  They   had a breakfast menu, so we decided to stay and order.

The kids had Wacky Packs.  When we ordered them, the sign had only French Toast listed for breakfast.  We were surprised when the person inside asked which Wacky Pack we wanted and quoted the other flavors – all lunch meals.  How cool that you can get lunch at 7:30 AM 🙂   The Wacky Packs come with 2 french toast sticks, an order of tater tots, and a drink.  We chose the Sunrise drink – cherry limeade with orange juice.  It was a hit with Brighid, but fell short for the other two girls.  Jim drank  Eilis’.  The french toast was well received – completely gone and not a spare bite to be had.

Jim and  I had the Bistro breakfast sandwiches – his with ham, mine with bacon.  It was a good sized sandwich, hot and fresh, with a bun that was almost snowflake roll like in texture.  Jim enjoyed his, felt like the bread was freshly made, not pre-packaged, and he really enjoyed the  tater tots, which had almost a buttery flavor.  You could alternatively get onion rings or fries with your breakfast.

A good experience, a nice meal, and we are hoping we find them again at lunchtime!