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Disney Memorial Day Trip Report Day 3

Friday, May 26th

The Streak Is Alive!

On each of my last three trips to Disney, someone has gotten sick.  I was
tempted to keep all three of my kids in a plastic bubble in the weeks before
this trip to keep them from getting ill, but the thought of cleaning the
fingerprints off of the plastic convinced me to take my chances with them in
the real, germ filled world.

At exactly 12:03 AM, 3 minutes after the emergency walk in clinic has closed
for the night, Eilis wakes up crying with ear pain.  She has just done 20
days on antibiotics for recurring ear infections, and I fear this is what it
might be.  I phone the front desk and ask if there is another clinic
anywhere else where I might be able to take her to get a prescription, and
they tell me no, but they will be happy to phone paramedics for me.  Back in
November when I was here, Gracie was having trouble breathing, so I did have
them call paramedics, and they were both really cute and very nice, but my
thought is that sending a paramedic for an ear infection, no matter how cute
he might be, was overkill.

I get up, get dressed, and plan on going to the ER with her, when it occurs
to me that I might be able to phone home and ask our pediatrician what to
do.  I call ahead back to the front desk and ask for the phone number for a
close pharmacy so that if our ped gives me a prescription, I can give him a
phone number to call it in.  The ped tells me that it might not be an
infection, since she has no fever, and he gives me another possible cause
and tells me to keep her on Motrin for 48 hours for the discomfort, and as
long as she is fever free, that should help.  When 48 hours is up, we’ll be
on our way home, and they will meet me at the ER at home if she isn’t any
better.  Of course, I have no motrin with me, and head out the door to go to
Walgreen’s, when I take a chance and see if they keep an emergency supply at
the front desk, even though the gift shop is closed.  THEY DO!!!   Good to
know!   By 12:45, Eilis is resting comfortably, and I am wide awake watching
bad TV until 3:30.

The alarm goes off at 6, and I bleary eyed walk to the shower while the kids
sleep.  Sleep is overrated, I tell myself, and when I was their age, on
vacation with my dad, he’d have us up and out the door by this time of day
to make the most of the trip.  My kids are too soft!

We have made an ADR for Crystal Palace, and I toyed with the idea of heading
over to AK so Eilis can ride Kali River Rapids, but with the expected heat
today, I decide park hopping may not be an option, especially if Eilis is
not feeling well, and we head to MK.  By the time the place opens, we are
there.  Eilis feels fine today, but I make her take the Motrin anyway.  And
now Gracie is suffering from a runny nose 🙁   We’ll deal with it as needed
– there are things to do!

The crowd is really manageable, and we ride Aladdin’s Magic Carpet ride, the
Jungle Cruise, and Big Thunder Mountain in pretty quick succession.  We have
discovered something about Grace that I’m not especially proud of.  I ran to
get drinks when the kids were on Aladdin’s Magic Carpet ride, and as I am
heading back, I hear this God awful screaming banshee of a kid as the ride
comes to a stop.  Thank God, I think, that that is not my child.  Oh no.
That is my child.  Brighid is walking off of the ride with Gracie SCREAMING
and holding her arms back, trying to wiggle out of Brighid’s arms to get
back on the ride.  I do a quick look around to see where I can hide and act
like these are not my children walking towards me yelling, “Mom, Mommy,
Mom!!! Can you take this baby???”   Darn.  I am the only “mom” looking person
in the vicinity.

Grace continues to scream and reach back towards Aladdin as if we are
kidnapping her, and by the time we are in the very short line for the Jungle
Cruise, I am hoping a security guard will believe that I have kidnapped her
and come get her from me to try to find her real parents.  No such luck.
But once we are on the Jungle Cruise, she is settled and happy again.  Whew.
    We have a brief version of the same reaction after she exits the Jungle
Cruise too, but I keep reassuring her that we are going to see something
else and ride another ride, and she eventually seems to understand that
getting off of one thing leads us to something else more wonderful and more

Brighid and Eilis ride BTMR, and then we head over to Buzz Lightyear, for
which Brighid has already acquired Fast Passes 🙂   We have not had to wait
for anything yet, and Buzz is a great ride.  I am on my way to controlling
the universe, despite having a baby in my lap, when my laser gun stops
working 🙁   I try to reach around and use the one on Grace’s side, but her
chubby little hands are clasped pretty tightly around it, and I end up
sitting there actually enjoying the ride, looking at the different targets I
could be hitting.

There is just enough time to do the Tomorrowland Transit Authority ride
before heading to lunch, and as it has done with her sister’s before her, it
lulls Grace to sleep.  By the time we are actually seated at Crystal Palace,
Gracie has had a nice 30 minute nap, and she is hungry and in good spirits
for lunch.  Until the characters come near her.  She is just about climbing
out of the high chair, but then as soon as they go away, she is yelling for
them to come back, putting her little hands up in the “Come back, come get
me” pose.  Poor Tigger actually thinks she means this, and turns around to
come back to her, only to have her jump out of her skin when he gets close.

I had originally planned to leave after lunch and take the kids back to the
hotel for some rest, but the lunch rejuvenates the lot of them, so we press
on.  Eilis is rattling off the things she’d like to do and like to ride,
when she sees the hair wrap people.  She decides this is what she wants to
do.  Brighid runs off and grabs fast passes for Splash Mountain – Eilis’
first time!! – while I wait in line for a hair wrap with Eilis.  By the time
we have our turn, it is almost time for our fast pass, so we head over to
the mountain.  Eilis has BEGGED to do this ride, and she does really well,
except she is too anxious about the big drop to appreciate the story inside.
    At least I think that.  But when we are off the ride, she runs to Brighid
to tell her the whole story of Brer Rabbit and the briar patch and the great
ride, except for the big hill at the end.

The crowds are pretty thick now, so we decide it’s time to head out.  We
make a few stops in a few shops, and we are in the car about 4 PM.

Back at the hotel, Eilis lays down for a nap, and we try to decide what to
do about meeting my in-laws for dinner.  Eilis is now saying her ear hurts,
and Grace is dozing off, so we call the in-laws and ask if they want to meet
here for pizza, so we order pizza in the room and entertain the grandparents
until after 9 PM.  I bathe the littles and they are both asleep by 10 🙂

Without starting a war, I do want to say something about towel animals.
When we arrived on Thursday, as we were walking to our room, virtually EVERY
window we passed had some cute towel thing going on – with stickers, sparkly
things, kids’ toys staged with the towel things.  Eilis is excited to see
what her window has when we get back to the room, and Brighid, who has been
the recipient of towel animals before, is equally as excited.  When we get
back, only two windows on our floor on our side of the building have no
towel animals.  One of the two is ours.  I tip housekeeping daily, and I
leave the room pretty much cleaned up, so I know there isn’t a lot of work
to do when a housekeeper comes to our hotel room.  I know towel animals are
not a guarantee, and I completely appreciate that when the housekeepers are
busy, they probably haven’t got the time to do them.  But it’s really
disappointing to a 5 year old to walk past towel animals, towel clowns,
towel birds, and even in one window, a towel basket filled with towels, then
to get to her own window and find nothing.  I decide I must take a course in
towel animal folding so that I don’t have to deal with this disappointment
in the future 🙁

HIGHLIGHT – Eilis’ first ride on Splash Mountain
LOWLIGHT – Eilis’ sore ear and the empty window