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Disney Memorial Day Trip Report Day 4

Saturday, May 27th
I will start today’s trip report with a quote from Helen Keller:

“Grief can’t be shared,
Everyone carries it alone,
his own burden, his own way.”

And this is how the day went for my darling little Granuaile.  We realized
on our trip from the parking lot into EPCOT center this morning, we lost the
only binkie we brought with us today.  And then, this afternoon, as we were
within alarm setting distance to the car, we realized we left her favorite
sippie cup at the restaurant at lunch time.  She missed the binkie most –
and I found her quite a few times today sucking on her tiny fingers in
desperation.  But she will miss the sippie cup more as time goes on.  She
loved that one and the pictures of the princesses on the sides.

The plan today was to get up early and head into AK for the EMH, then move
over to EPCOT.  How do you people do this???   My kids barely got out of bed
in time to make it to EPCOT at a reasonable hour!

We headed into EPCOT at about 9:15, and we hopped right on Space Ship Earth.
    Just what I needed after that walk across the parking lot – an air
conditioned nap!   I love this park!   Today is our last day at Disney, and
the kids want pool time, so we plan to make it a short day again.  We don’t
get fast passes for anything so that we don’t feel obligated to be anywhere,
and on the way out, I’m sorry I didn’t get at least one for the kids to do
Test Track because Eilis could have held out for one more ride.

After Spaceship Earth, we headed over to the Living Seas for Turtle Talk
with Crush.  WE LOVED IT!!   Brighid and Eilis went up to the front to sit on
the floor, and I stayed in the back with Grace.  During the show, my cell
phone, which was in the bag Brighid had, started ringing, and Crush asked if
that was someone’s “Shell Phone”, and told her to “totally answer it, Dude!
They’ll never believe you’re talking to a Turtle!”

There was NO ONE at Journey Into the Imagination, so we had the whole car to
ourselves.  That was nice, and it’s such a cute ride for the little kids.
We fast passed Living with the Land and then headed to Restaurant Marrakesh
for lunch.

We arrived a few minutes before our 12 o’clock ADR, and the hostess played
with Eilis and Grace while we waited.  If you are not comfortable with your
kids being cuddled and kissed by total strangers, this may not be the place
to eat.  The hostess introduced herself to us by coming over and scooping
Grace up out of the stroller to play with her, and then when she seated us,
she hugged and kissed Eilis and thanked her for playing with her.  Grace
also got a few kisses on top of her head by the waiter and one of the CMs in
one of the shops.  I didn’t feel uncomfortable with it at all – it was
somewhat endearing – although if they are both sick with colds in a day or
two, I’ll regret allowing them to be so cuddled and cooed over.

After a great lunch, we headed over to the shop in Japan and wandered around
a while.  I always love going in here, and it reminds me of my sister.  She
used to love to do the pearl thing, and I can’t help but feel her close to
me when we stroll through this shop.

We worked up just enough of an appetite and a sweat to get a Kaki Gori – my
all time favorite treat at Disney.  We sat and enjoyed it while listening to
a performance by the Volunteers, a band of active Army guys.  This is not
your Daddy’s military band!   I remember being dragged as a kid to hear all
kinds of military bands, but none ever played Huey Lewis; Steely Dan; or
Tears for Fears.  GREAT band!!

We took the boat back across to do some shopping for an antennae ball for
Pop-Pop at Mouse Gears before we left.  There was no line at Space Ship
Earth on the way out – there never is – so we hopped on that for one more
ride before heading back to the hotel.

Back at the hotel, we enjoyed a bit of time in the pool, and then a NICE
dinner from the food court.  We haven’t really eaten the real food at the
food court before, and we are pleasantly surprised with our dinner.

We are now packing up to get ready to leave – hence the reason I’m trip
reporting 🙁   I hate the thought of leaving!

LOWLIGHT – RIP our favorite sippie cup and our beloved binkie 🙁