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Memorial Day Weekend Disney Trip Report

Cast of Characters – Mom Anna (41), and DDs Brighid (14); Eilis (5) and
Granuaile (1)

Wednesday, May 24th and Thursday, May 25th:

I drop Brighid off at school at 8, and Eilis at 9 for her end of year beach
party.  I drive home hoping Gracie will fall asleep so I can pack the car
without worrying about her, and she does!!   I pop Grace into her crib, and
load the car.  I can’t believe it – I’m all set and ready to go!

I get Grace out of her crib at 10:50, change her and we head over to pick
Eilis up, since she gets done at 11:30.  Brighid can’t get out of school
until 12:15 in order for it to count as a full day, so we stop at McDonald’s
to pick up lunch, top off the gas tank, and then head over to pull Brighid
out of school.

My biggest fear – getting to the DC area at rush hour – is mostly averted.
We arrive just about 3 in the area, and traffic is just starting to build.
We have no dead stops, but there are a few delays – not enough to be
frustrating, though.  YIPPEEE!!

As we’re driving, I’m trying to figure out how late I should stop to keep
some kind of bedtime schedule with the kids, and figure I’ll be in
Lumberton, NC by 10 or 10:30, so we’ll stop there.  Brighid phones ahead to
a Marriott Fairfield Inn (gotta collect my reward points!), and we stop for
dinner at a Cracker Barrel.  Oh My Goodness – service couldn’t have been any
slower if the guy had molasses on his shoes, and to further complicate
matters, not one, but both elderly women at a table near us suffer a spell
and an ambulance has to be called.  We are kind of pinned at our table while
they get the one woman on a stretcher to load her in the ambulance, and I
thank God the other woman decides her spell is just anxiety from the other
woman taking ill and we don’t have to wait for another ambulance to come and
get her – our table is literally in the middle of the action – the manager,
other waitstaff, EMTs, and if the other lady needed an ambulance transport,
I figure we are stuck there at least another half hour.

I’m regretting now making the reservation in Lumberton, because it is 8 when
we get in the car after dinner and I’m tired. I ask Brighid to check which
exit number it is, and what a lucky break – she booked the wrong hotel and I
only have to drive to Fayetteville!   It’s about 25 miles closer to where we

We check in just in time to see the end of American Idol (Yay, Taylor!), and
the kids are too excited to sleep, so we end up awake until after midnight.
I have a wake up call in for 4:30, but the call never comes.  I wake up
myself at 5:05, and we decide to skip the showers and race to get ready.  We
are in the car by 5:30.

Traffic is not too bad the rest of the way, and we arrive to check in a All
Star Movies at 2:30.  Our room is not ready – and I guess a lot of rooms are
not ready because there is a long line of people sitting and standing
against the wall with luggage.  We head for the food court and grab lunch,
and by the time we are finished, the room is ready.  We are in the Fantasia
building, much to Eilis’ dismay.  She wanted Toy Story.

We get our stuff unpacked, make the calls to the hubby and my mom to let
them know we’ve arrived safely, and then to the in-laws to make arrangements
to meet them for dinner tomorrow night.

The kids hit the pool while I hop in the shower.  I think we may run over to
EPCOT, but the kids are tired and crabby.  We decide to order pizza and hang
out at the hotel.  We get a knock on the door, and it’s a beautiful gift box
of goodies from the Princesses for Eilis to congratulate her on her
preschool graduation (Peggy’s Sweets comes through in a great way!), and
Eilis now has to call Daddy, and Dram, and Nanny to let everyone know of her
great package.

It gets to be about 8, and the baby is so tired she is stumbling as she
walks.  Okay, she is just learning to walk and would be stumbling anyway,
but trust me, she’s tired.  I get the two littles in bed and flip through
the dials to find the bedtime stories that Eilis loves.  Guess what?   NO

So, the wake up call is in, I’m providing bedtime stories (but I’m really
tired, so I cut to the chase, the Wolf eats everyone and ends up in a clinic
for treatment of Bulimia, the end, goodnight), and we are heading to the
Magic Kingdom early tomorrow.

Highlights – the goodie basket; the great traffic; the good luck on booking
the wrong hotel; and Taylor winning American Idol.

Disappointments – Hubby had to cancel at the last minute due to work
obligations; NO BEDTIME STORIES – that’s a biggie.