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Stinky Cheese Man

A couple of months back, we received a card in the mail from the Arden theater.  They were going to be doing the Stinky Cheese Man – one of my favorite books from Brighid’s childhood.  I didn’t know if Eilis was familiar with it, and wasn’t sure if she was ready for the theater, so I put the card aside and forgot about it.

Then, about a month ago, I thought for her preschool graduation, we would get her tickets.  She had done Frosty the Snowman on stage at the Ritz Theater with her class, and I thought this would be more along those lines, so even if she were a little antsy, there would be other antsy kids as well. 

I was SO surprised!   The theater was comfortable and roomy, with pretty much all good seats.  The show began and ended with a song, and there were some brief musical numbers during the show, but for Eilis, the laughs were pretty much non-stop.  The costumes were colorful, the characters outrageous, and the stories, to my 5 year old, were hilarious.

I am so glad I ended up getting these tickets.  I cannot imagine having missed out on this opportunity with Eilis. 

As a side note – we did take her to see Godspell at the Walnut Street Theater a couple of weeks ago, courtesy of her dad.  She has the DVD of Brighid’s 8th grade class production, and she has watched it until we’re sick of it.  She really enjoyed Godspell – although it was much darker and more scripture based than the production at Brighid’s school.  I was proud of her, being the youngest person in the theater, for how well she did 🙂