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I met today with my primary doctor, Gary Heck. I love this man to death, but he has always been very negative about gastric bypass surgery. I went in prepared for an argument, and instead, I got what I hope everyone pursuing this gets – a doctor who said he would work with me, help me with whatever I needed, wished me well, promised me he would not allow me to have this surgery if he finds anything in any of my tests that would make me less than an ideal candidate, and sent me on my merry way with phone numbers of people he recommended I see to have the tests done. He is such a wonderful, caring doctor. He also told me I must be the smallest person seeking WLS – I can’t believe that. Feeling as fat as I do most days, that was the kindest thing anyone could say to me. He said he was surprised I qualified at my weight. If he wasn’t married, I’d marry him. Of course, Jim might have a problem with that, but I’m sure if Dr. Heck shared in the yard work, a deal could be arranged.