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I had a mammogram today! It was my first ever, and it was MUCH easier than I thought it would be. It was a test added on by Dr. Heck, and I was lucky that the radiology center had a cancellation for today, or else I was going to have to wait until August, which meant I might have to change my surgery date. In the coming weeks, I have an EKG and EGD scheduled, as well as the doppler study. I have a dental cleaning, and I have to get in for a chest x-ray and some blood work. I see Dr. Heck again on July 17th to go over everything I’ve had done, and then he will send his final report to Dr. Nusbaum. I also got very lucky with the EGD. When I called the doctor that Dr. Heck recommended, the secretary told me no way was I getting in in time for my surgery. She asked who my doctor was, I told her Dr. Heck, and she told me to hold on. Suddenly, they had time to squeeze me in for a consult on July 3rd, and the EGD on July 5th. That’s the test I am most dreading. I used to work for a GI doctor, and I know they are not fun. The thing I am most dreading next? The Fleets kit!