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My first big hurdle 🙁 I got a call today from the gastroenterologist’s office to confirm my consultation for Monday, July 3rd. I confirm, then ask if there are instructions for the EGD on Wednesday. They do not have me scheduled 🙁 They are booked for Wednesday and she doesn’t know if they can fit me in before my surgery. Now when I made the appointment, I made it perfectly clear how important it was to get this done in time. They told me I can ask the doctor on Monday if there is anyway he can squeeze me in, but they made no apologies or any concessions for the error on their part. I even asked if I should bother to keep the appointment on Monday, because if they can’t squeeze me in, I have to find someone else. She said that was up to me. What a ***.

I’m not posting the name of the office until after I see the doctor on Monday, but if they’ve jerked me around and wasted 2 weeks when I could have gotten an appointment with someone else, I will be one pissed fat chick. I phoned 3 other offices after I got off the phone with them, and there wasn’t anyone who had an appointment available in time for my surgery. UGH.