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I had my appointment with the Gastroenterologist today. His name is Dr. Alloy, and he was so nice! When I told him my only concern was getting on the schedule, he marched right to the receptionist with me and made sure she added me. I just got a call from the endo center and I am to be there at 12:30 on Wednesday for my test!

He was very nice about my weight. He said he didn’t think I was big enough for the surgery. That’s nice to hear, but at almost 300 pounds, I don’t know how much bigger I’d need to be! He told me to make sure I understood all of the risks, and he said he wasn’t trying to scare me, because most of the time, everything works out fine, but he did want me to be aware of what could go wrong.

The only other thing I want to do before the surgery is to make an appointment with a lawyer to get a living will (I had one, but don’t know where it is) and to update my will. I haven’t done it since 1991, and now with three kids, I should make an effort to do something just in case. I am not thinking of something bad happening, but if something bad happens, I want all of my ducks in a row.

Okay, so relief is setting in, now that I am a go for my EGD, and the rest of the stuff will fall into place!