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Yesterday was my EGD. I was supposed to be at the center at 12:30, and all the arrangements were made for my kids. Well, at 8:50, the center called to say they were running early and could I be there at 9:45. I was still in my nightgown, one of my kids was still asleep, and I’m about 25 minutes from where I need to be. I tell them I can be there at 10, and then make a mad dash to the shower, leaving my poor hubby with two kids to get ready.

The center – The Endo Center in Voorhees – is VERY nice. Everyone was very friendly. Within a few minutes, they escort me back into the changing area, and they tell me to just take off everything from the waist up. They give me two gowns to put on, one front ways and one backwards, and then they have me sit and wait in a room with two antique magazines.

After a few minutes, they bring me back and put me on a gurney. I was interviewed by a nurse, and then the anesthesiologist comes over and talks to me. I have let the nurse know that I am scared to death of the IV, because they usually don’t go well for me, but she has it in so fast, I barely know I’ve been touched. I mention to the anestheiologist some prior complications I’ve had with anesthesia – including terrible nausea after my last c-section – and she assures me that the meds they use will put me out and make me feel like I am having the best nap of my life.

At just after 11:00, I am wheeled into the OR for the procedure. They put a bite blocker thing in between your teeth so that you can’t bite down in your sleep on the stuff going into your throat. The next thing I know, it is 11:25, and I am awake in the recovery room.

The doctor says everything is fine and wishes me good luck. The nurse is telling me about her three friends who’ve had the surgery and done well. They are checking my vital signs, and by 11:40, I am taken into the room where they sit you in a chair and make you drink something. In this room, I am sitting next to two women who have had colonoscopies, and there seems to be a fart competition. I lose my appetite for crackers, and when the nurse tells me to let them know when I am ready to get dressed, I tell her I am ready now.

They phoned Jim while I was in the recovery room, and I have to wait for him to come and get me. I go back to the changing room to put my clothes on, and this time, they send a nurse with me to make sure I can function.

Okay, here’s where it gets gross. I am taking the hospital gowns off, and I feel chilly, like an air conditioner is blowing on my butt. I reach behind me, and my shorts and underpants are damp. This is not a damp like I have sweated and it has run down the crack of my butt, but it is also not a soaking wet like I just peed myself. But, during the procedure, I may have wet myself!! Why they would not tell you that, I don’t know. So now, I’m in this dressing room, and I’m thinking “Do I tell the nurse I peed my pants or do I just let it go?” I decide to let it go, but I tell her I’m stopping in the bathroom.

Once I am in the bathroom, I check my panties more thoroughly. I do not smell urine, but they are definitely damp. I am now praying that Jim gets there quickly so I can get home and change.

When I come out of the bathroom, they take me to a row of chairs to wait for Jim. I am chatting with a woman who also knows someone who had WLS and is doing well. It’s nice to hear the good stories, because family and friends are way to willing to tell you the bad stuff. She leaves, and almost right after she leaves, Jim arrives and I am on my way.

They told me I would feel a bit tipsy, as if I had a glass or two of wine for the rest of the day. I don’t drink, but I don’t think this is what a glass or two of wine does. I was SOOOO tired. If that was the best nap of my life, I needed it to be a bit longer. I come home, and Jim bring lunch, which takes a long time to eat because my throat hurts. After lunch, I fall asleep for a while, and then go sit downstairs with everyone else. I sound a bit raspy, but by the next morning, it was gone.

I am still a bit tired today, but I can blame that on being awoken this morning just before 6 when my 5 year old fell out of bed. My husband had the brilliant idea to bring her into our bed, which is already crowded with two fat arses and a 1 year old. So I am balanced on the edge of the bed until 6:30, when I finally just go downstairs.

So, tomorrow, I am going to try for the EKG, the chest x-ray and the blood work. Wish me luck, because I also have to see the lawyer and get the kids to an 11:40 movie!!