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I completed the last of my pre-op testing today with a chest x-ray.  I was scheduled for 11, but arrived a little early after dropping Grace off at my mom’s.  Eilis is already there, spending the week and going to swimming lessons.  They took me right away, and I was back in the car before 11 o’clock 🙂

I meet with Dr. Heck on Monday, so I’ll be putting together a list of all the tests I had and where I had them to drop off at the office tomorrow morning so they can make sure they have all of my test results when I get there on Monday.  Then, Dr. Heck has to give his medical clearance and get all of the paperwork to Dr. Nusbaum before the surgery.

There are only 21 days left until the surgery now.  I think I am going to try and get an appointment with a nutritionist before surgery so I can have some things in place in terms of where my diet will need to be after surgery.  The first week is just clear liquids, but after that, I’ll need to be getting in enough protein and all of my supplements every day.

Jim and I also went to look at a couple of fitness centers.  The one closest to me seems to be the best choice.  They have childcare for Grace and Eilis, and Brighid can join and use the facilities as well.  They have a pool and a ton of classes, so I think I might really benefit from going to a few different ones and see what it is I like and progress into harder ones as I progress with my weight loss.

We’re taking a couple of days next week and having a last family “fling” – some good restaurants and some activities with the kids.  It will be nice to have a few days together to do stuff, with Jim  off and no chores or anything in the way.